Account Optimization

Account Optimization Information

PLEASE READ: If you are only looking for monster suggestions Example: “What mons should I use on Arena Defense or GB10?” then feel free to ask away on any of my social media platforms or email along with a picture of your monsters and I will do my best to suggest a team for you. If you are looking for complete optimization of your account then keep reading!

What this service includes:

Account optimization is a full account rerunning service done personally by myself, Claytano. It is not outsourced to anyone else and your account details will only be seen by me. I will log into your account on an agreed upon date/time and completely optimize your runes based on several factors such as; where you are at in the game, and where you should be focusing your best runes for the most efficient progression possible. This process can/will take several hours to complete since I will take my time to ensure that you are set up for success as if it were my own personally account.


Since I get several requests for this service each day, there are a few requirements that I ask to help each account go as smoothly as possible.

  1. You must have a Free Rune Removal Ticket in your storage so I can use it during the optimization process. I will not provide it for you and I do not have time to do optimizations during the first Saturday of every month free rune removal dates as I use those for my own account.
  2. You must have at least 100 open rune slots to allow me to shift runes around freely.

If these two items are not in order upon the scheduled date and time that the optimization is set to take place, then I will ask to reschedule the service.


This is not a free service. It will take several hours to optimize your account and my time is valuable so I ask that you respect my time.

Price: $50 per team. (Example: GB10 + DB10 = $100)

Full Account: $10 per 6 star monster

Payment will be accepted through PayPal before service is completed.

Please fill out the form below if you are interested!